Permanent Dentures

Immediate Teeth – Immediate Function – Immediate Smiles

Do you have loose teeth? Are your teeth failing? Are you needing to get your teeth back? Look no further then the proven All on Four Protocol for Permanent tooth replacement. Often times called Permanent Dentures, Permanent Implants, All on Four, All on Five, All on 6 – the names are synonymous with one thing: Permanent Teeth in one day.

Many patients today DO NOT want a denture as their only full mouth tooth replacement option. Many view dentures as what their parents or grandparents had. We provide permanent same day full arch tooth replacement solutions with the proven All on Four protocol, in our office, under IV Sedation.

Permanent Teeth - Same Day - One Office - One Doctor

Patients often comment, “You cant possibly to get teeth in one day” — We respond YES IT IS! This is common response I get, but on a daily basis we are able to offer patients Permanent Teeth with one procedure in one day. We have successfully treated hundreds of patients with the successful and proven All on Four Protocol. Yes, there are several steps ahead of time to get your teeth made to your linking, you will wear a temporary fixed prosthesis for 6 months, and a final prosthesis will be made after the gums heal.

What is the All On Four?

  • Four or more implants placed in the jaws at the time of tooth extractions
  • Surgery is done under IV Sedation
  • Placement of a Permanent Fixed Prosthesis (temporary) This is your “Teeth in a Day”. 97% of the time we are able to do this at the time of extractions and implant placement – provided correct torque on each implant is achieved
  • Non-Removable, No rocking, no force on the gums.
  • Palate-less
  • Screw Retained
  • Made out of Acrylic/Titanium or Zirconia
  • Same Day Graft-less Procedure – Teeth in a Day Concept.
  • 98% Proven success rate. (In Dr. Damons’ hands 99.5%)

Why Choose Dr. Damon and staff at Texas Dental Center?

We provide Permanent Dental Implants, All on Four, or Permanent Dentures (all are synonymous with each other) EVERY DAY. Dr. Damon has performed well over 500 arches of All on Fours since we added the concept to our practice in 2013. Let alone, thousands of dental implant placements, and other dental surgeries.

Every thing happens here: Consultation, Work up, Surgery, and Finalization.

Our staff is competent, knowledgeable, and we have the resources in house. Since we have performed so many, we are also aware of the nuances and problems (although few and far between).

We also provide our patients Zirconia prosthesis. We don’t just stop there, but we add porcelain over the surface of it to make it very similar to veneers, crowns, and bridges. Your smile will look AMAZING. The zirconia is considered an Upgrade by other implant centers, but not here. It is included in our all inclusive fee. Our In House lab also fabricates the prosthesis. Dr. Damon and his technicians are able to personally work on your teeth with out relying on outside help.

The zirconia prosthesis is the ultimate. It will last the longest and it is the latest technological advancement in the full arch restoration field.

Check Out Our Cases

Click the text HERE to check out link to our before and after gallery. This is only a sample of some of our cases. Most of our cases are not documented.

All on Four Case Before and Afters