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Trefoil Implant Concept

Mar 2, 2018 @ 03:27 PM — by Dr. Damon
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Trefoil Implant Concept can bring permanent implants to more patients with a lower cost.

As a provider of Nobel Biocare’s All on Four Protocol, we have helped hundreds of patients get their teeth back. Our patients have been very happy regarding their decision to have this treatment done. However, I can tell you that for every one of our patients who accepted the All on Four, there was another 1 or 2 patients who elected not to proceed with treatment or chose a denture or snap on denture due to cost.

Trefiol aims to reduce the number of "Snap On Dentures" that are treatment planned.

Trefoil's benefits for patients is a single surgical phase, placement of 3 dental implants, a permanent dental implant bridge placed with in a few days of surgery. The prosthesis that is given is the patient’s final prosthesis. With a snap on dental implant case, 2 -4 implants are placed, a period of 4 months of wearing a full loose lower denture, a second uncovering procedure is needed to expose the implants that are beneath the gums, and the snap on denture is removable. There are some limitations with the snap on dental implant treatment. Our goal with the Trefoil is to stream line the dental implant process and to provide patients with a definitive bridge much sooner then with snap on dental implant treatment plans. If you want to know more about Trefoil check our our page dedicated to this concept.

3 implants supporting a fixed bridge is not a new treatment.

In 1998 - 2007 there was Nobel Novum. This was a 3 implant-supported bridge placed at surgery or near after surgery. We know from literature that the implant survival of the Novum concept was 95% however there were some problems with the prosthetic portion of the 2-piece bridge. Today, the Trefoil has overcome these challenges and there is a 1 piece pre-manufactured bar that has a compensation mechanism to allow for customizable fit of the prosthetic bar.

Trefoil is a superior implant solution to Snap on Dental Implant solutions.

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