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Immediate Dentures in Dallas

March 21, 2018 — by Dr. Damon

Patients choose to enter into dentures for a number of reasons - failing teeth, loose teeth, or many dental cavities. Patients who are going into dentures for the first time need Immediate Dentures. This is the term for when teeth are to be extracted and their first set of dentures placed immediately after. This is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly.

Who would or should consider Immediate dentures? Patients who have lost several teeth before, patients with generalized painful teeth, generalized missing teeth, and generalized loose teeth. If you have 1 or 2 teeth with a bad condition, we typically will not recommend immediate dentures, but some other option that replaces or addresses the localized problem.

How many denture wearers are there? – There are estimations that range from 45-60 Million people in the US wear a denture.

What are some important considerations with Immediate Dentures?

The top 3 things to look for in a dental office are the following:

  1. Is IV Sedation offered? This is very important; typically we are extracting 10-20 teeth in one setting. This is why all of our patients are IV Sedated for a denture surgery. Dr. Damon and staff want to create a worry free procedure, provide the highest level of care, and know that having a patient completely sedated for a denture surgery is the best way to go. Our patients wake up after surgery not knowing anything or any part of the procedure that had been completed. We take care of our patients just like you are family.
  2. The office needs to do lots of dentures and provide soft liners every 5 weeks or so. Most regular dentists, do maybe 5 – 10 dentures a year. Dr. Damon and staff are doing about 25 dentures or more a month. This is a result of our ability to treat patients well, provide excellent patient care, and have good results. There can be bumps along the way and dentures can be difficult to adjust to, so you need a competent staff to help make the dentures fit well through the healing phase.  Providing soft liners is key to the success along the way. There is gum and bone resorption for 4 months after surgery. As this occurs the dentures fit loose. When this happens we need to re adapt the denture base to the gums and we do this by placing a soft liner
  3. In House Lab- this is another important point as since dentures require more lab work. Typically 4 steps. Our offices have our own in-house lab so we can handle denture steps more quickly then other offices who have to send things out. When it comes to relines, we can provide those same day – in a matter or hours.

What are your other options outside of immediate dentures? 

When considering tooth replacement options – we present all your options: Immediate Dentures, Snap on Dentures, All on Four Permanent Dentures, and a hybrid solution of an upper permanent and lower snap on denture. 

Dental Implants should be in your consideration at the time of consult, because they can be placed at the time of surgery when the teeth are being pulled. Dental Implants offer patients HUGE advantages over conventional dentures. Implants offer patent’s the ability to retain their lower dentures or to permanently regain their teeth back with permanent dental implants. Having multiple treatment options allows patients to make the best decisions for them selves and then allows patients to only have 1 dental surgery, with a faster time to teeth.

How do patients pay for dental treatment and Cost for Dental implants?

The costs vary based on patients needs and their desires- are you wanting implants in both arches? Implants on the lower only? Permanent or Snap on? These are all things that affect the cost.

Patients typically utilize a combination of several payment options. We take cash / check and all credit cards. Outside from that, some patients have dental insurance which then lowers your out of pocket costs, and then we utilize 3 financing options: Lending Club, Care Credit, and Wells Fargo Health Advantage. You can apply in our office and our staff can walk you though it.

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