Snap on Dental Implants By Dr. Damon on August 14, 2018

Dental Implants - What are they and how do they work?

Dental Implants are made of titanium (there are newer ceramic implants but their use is more limited) and surgically placed into the jawbone. They work in a number of different ways but ultamately they attach a dental prosthesis to the bone. Implants can attach a single tooth, a removable implant denture, or fixed All on Four prosthesis.  Dental Implants were developed in the 1970's and incorporated into modern dental practice in mid 1990's. Today they are a 98.5% successful, common, dental treatment modiality. Dr. Clark Damon places hundreds of dental implants per year in our Richardson, TX dental office. 

What is a Snap on Dental Implant or Snap on Denture? Snap on Dental Implants

Snap on Dental implants are more less a system - where with 2 implants (or more sometimes) are placed in the lower jaw and a strong metal reinforced denture is placed to attach to the implants. This is a more simple solution for us to manufacture, and it can be easier for patients to clean. By being able to remove the snap on denture, patients can clean their prosthesis our of the mouth and it can be worked on out of the mouth. If you would like to know more about the multiple different types please read our implant page here. 

What are the benefits of Snap on Dental Implants?

  • Improved Stability
  • Improved Retention
  • Increased Bite Force compared with a lower denture
  • Improved self-confidence knowing that a lower denture is secure
  • Costs are lower then with permanent implants ie the All on Four

Who are candiates for Snap on Dental Implants?

  • Any patient who has a lower loose denture
  • Patients facing tooth loss or looking into Immediate Dentures. 

Steps in the Process:

We always perform an innitial consultation, where you will meet with Dr. Damon, we will take a 3-D CT Xray and find out exactly the extent of the problem. I want to make sure that we are not extracting teeth that can be saved, or healthy teeth. All patients are treated like family and only what Dr. Damon would do on his family is what he reccommends for patients. Once it has been determined that dentures or Snap on Dentures are reccommended we will get you ready for surgery. 

Getting ready for surgery can involve impressions to make a temporary denture. This usually takes a few steps such as wax rims and a viewing or a try in. 

For surgery we will IV Sedate our patients allowing them to sleep through the dental surgery. This allows you to sleep through your dental surgery and be comfortable. During the surgery we will extract any teeth, smooth the bone as needed, and place the 2 snap on dental implants. The implants will remain below the gums during the 4 month Osseointegration phase. 

After 4 months of healing, there will be a minor procedure under LOCAL to uncover the implants and place gold Locator abutments. These serve as the "Snaps" that traverse the gums to enter into the oral cavity. At this uncovering apointment, we will then impress for your new Snap on Denture. 

If this interests you, give our Richardson, TX dental office a call at 972 808 6008. 

Also visit our Snap on Dental Implant page here


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