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An Implant Center, Dental Center, and Dental Lab - all in One Facility

Dental Implants

We are a TRUE dental implant center complete with a Surgical Suite, Surgical Trained Doctors, and In House Implant Lab. Dr's Damon and Blankenship place well over 700 implants per year and we exclusively use Nobel Bioare brand dental implants. From a full arch of dental implants to a single implant for a missing tooth we have you covered! We are uptodate on the latest dental implant procedures and technologies. From guided dental implant placement to All on Four procedure concepts to the latest - Trefoil concept - we bring the best of the dental implant world to Dallas and Fort Worth. 

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All on Four - Permanent Same Day Smiles

For over 6 years Dr. Damon has been making patients smile in 4 hours with the All on Four procedure. This implant procedure gives patients their ability to get NEW TEETH! Smile with confidence as Dr. Damon provides excellent same day esthetic results. The All on Four is a highly successful and efficient method for permanent tooth replacement. Click to find out more! 

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Denture Dentistry

Our heritage as an office is in being the best Denture office around. Our office was originally the Texas Denture Clinic, started in 1975 by Dr. Stewart in Fort Worth. Under Dr. Damons' direction, he has expanded this successful concept to Amarillo, Fort Worth, and Dallas. What makes us so special? Doing dentures every day, having an in house lab, Doctors that understand the needs of denture patients, and having staff that CARE. We provide Immediate Dentures under IV Sedation, replacement dentures, cast metal partials, valplast partials, acrylic partials, and same day Repairs and Relines. 

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Cosmetic Dentistry

People all across Texas are known for their friendly nature, why not live up to the expectation and have a friendly and welcoming smile? Cosmetic dentistry from whitening, bonding, crowns, or veneers can give that smile that you have always wanted. Our doctors have a highly trained esthetic eye and strive to perform the highest quality dentistry imaginable. We utilize only high quality cosmetic products from Kor whitening to Cosmodent - Renamel products. 

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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry entails your bread and butter every day dentistry- Root Canals, Extractions, Crowns, Fillings, Bridges, Examinaions and Dental Hygiene. All of these and more are available procedures at the Texas Dental Center in our 2 DFW locations - Dallas and Fort Worth. 

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IV Sedation

Sedation Dentistry

We do big procedures and big treatment every day. What do we mean by big dentistry? Our typical patient is having more then 6 teeth worked on at a time, that results in longer appointments, less appointments, but more work. The more work that we do the more patients want to separate their reality from the dental visit? Heck why not! If I could go to the dentist, and not even know I was there, and not remember anything about it - Sign me up. This is what sedation dentistry provides our patients. We typically provide IV Sedation as our go to sedation option, but still provide laughing gas and oral sedation options for patients as well. 

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