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Dentures, Partial Dentures, Immediate Dentures, and an In House Lab

Complete Dentures

Our in-house lab makes our complete or replacement dentures. We can fabricate dentures in about 10 days with superior quality. Our dentures are made the traditional way no short cuts here! If you are looking for a knowledgeable friendly staff with great results, look no further.

We provide upgraded denture acrylic and denture teeth for patients who desire more color choices and a better end result. We do offer porcelain teeth as well.

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Immediate Dentures

Looking for Dentures to replace your failing teeth? Dr. Damon and staff provide Immediate Dentures to be placed immediately after tooth extraction surgery so you’ll always have teeth even during the healing phase. Patients enjoy IV Sedation to be more comfortable during the procedure. Immediate Dentures provide aesthetics immediately after tooth extraction. We place a temporary soft liner and change them out until you are finished with the healing phase. 

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Implant Dentures

There are many types of Implant Dentures, including removable or fixed and can secured on 2, 4, or 6 implants. Removable implant denture can be attached by a bar, locator, or can be permanently fixed. At Texas Dental Center, we make both removable and fixed. In a personal consultation, we will show you different models and discuss the benefits. Implant Dentures offer increased security, stability, support, and better bite force. Our patients love their implant dentures!  

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Broken Denture Repair with our In House Lab

Dentures can and do break from time to time. When they do, our In-House lab will fix your denture within a few hours. We will evaluate your denture no matter where the denture was made. If it is not fixable, we can fabricate a new set quickly. We also reline dentures on the same day too. A reline is a new hard denture surface that is more closely approximated to the gums giving a better fit and retention. 

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Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures replace multiple teeth and provide a removable solution to a few missing teeth. Patients can choose from three types of material: metal (most common and longest lasting), acrylic (flipper or a temporary partial; typically given if dental extractions are involved), or a modern material – Valplast®. If you are need one tooth or two teeth replaced, a fixed bridge or a dental implant will be your best option. 

Permanent Dentures

Do you have loose teeth? Are your teeth failing? If you want to get your teeth back and want more than a denture as a full mouth tooth replacement option, consider permanent dentures. Texas Dental Center provides permanent same day full arch tooth replacement solutions with the proven All-on-Four® protocol in our office with IV Sedation.

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