Broken Dentures

Dentures Can Break..... but they also can be repaired! 

Broken DentureWhy do dentures break? Simple- they are made of acrylic, which is the same material sun glasses are made out of. So when the time comes and your denture breaks, you need a dental office that can get you back together quickly! At Texas Dental Center in Richardson, TX, we have our own In House Lab so we can get your denture put back together quickly. 

Dentures break in 3 ways: 

  • Cracked Denture
  • Broken Denture Tooth
  • A metal clasp on a partial breaks

Cracked Denture

The pink denture acrylic can crack down the middle, or the "flanges" which are the edges of the denture can break due to dropping. This is why we suggest to clean dentures over a bowl of water. 

There are several types of repairs that can be recommended but each depends on the nature of the repair. For the typical cracked denture patients have 2 options- a Repair/Reline or a Rebase.

  • Repair/Relines entail placing the denture back together, then taking an impression with the fixed denture in the mouth and then having our lab process a reline so there is adequate bulk of acrylic for the repair. Typically relines take a few hours. We do not warranty these types of repairs. We typically see these repairs last for 6 months to a year. Why not longer? We must use cold cure denture acrylic for relines which is weaker then heat cure acrylic.
  • Rebases entail a 24 hour process. Here all of the pink acrylic is removed in the lab and a full thickness of heat cured denture acrylic is processed with the original teeth. The benefits here are: heat cured processing, a brand new denture base, the longest lasting repair (up to 5 years is possible), strongest repair. This is our preferred approach to a cracked denture. 
  • Dr. Damon will go over your options in the office and we can generate the fees for both types of repairs. 

Broken Denture Tooth

This is the more common type of denture repair. Denture teeth are also mostly made out of acrylic which is also prone to repair. Denture teeth can pop out of the denture base, or fracture. These repairs can be fixed easily in our In House Lab. 

Broken Metal Clasp on a Partial

Unfortunately, there is no metal repair. This type of break will require a completely new cast metal partial. However, in the meantime we can add a bendable clasp and adapt it to your tooth so that there is some security while the new cast partial is being made. 

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