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For patients in the Richardson, TX area, the Texas Dental Center has an In House Denture Lab to help denture patients have a more streamlined treatment process. Dr. Clark Damon, Dr. Kari Blankenship, and Dr. MJ Secola are proficient and treat 20+ denture patients per week. If you are needing a denture repair, denture replacement, or Immediate Dentures we are a great choice. We have an in-house lab that fabricates all our dentures, ensuring a quality product.

Immediate Dentures under IV Sedation

Patients come to Texas Dental Center because we are a Non-corporate dental office owned by Dr. Clark Damon and because we offer IV Sedation. Also, for patients wishing to have implants incorporated into their treatment process we can place these during the time of your denture surgery. We try to make the process easy for our patients. In short, our Doctors are high-quality experts who understand the process, skillfully adjust dentures, and provide first-rate denture surgery. We are not only proficient, but we also explain a variety of treatment options to ensure you understand the process.

Our in-house lab fabricates all our dentures, ensuring a quality product.

What is the denture making process?

Initial Consultation: The first step to your new dentures is to discuss risks, benefits, and expectations of treatment. Dentures are not teeth – they are a prosthesis and do have limitations. Understanding these limitations is vital to a successful outcome. In your initial consultation, we will make alginate impressions to create a mold of the jaws.

Wax Rim Appointment (if applicable) is the second step in the denture process. Vertical dimension is taken, occlusal plain, and midline is marked. Your choice of denture tooth color is chosen in this meeting. Not all patients need a wax rim appointment if they have most of their teeth; however, if patients are replacing their dentures, a wax rim appointment is required.

Wax Try-In or Viewing: For all complete denture patients, we try-in the wax set up prior to processing. Patients are able to see what their new dentures will look like to ensure proper sizing, placement, reveal, midline correctness, and the bite. Changes can be made and teeth can be re-set if needed. Changes are very common, and Dr. Damon and Dr. Blankenship are selective to provide you the comfort and happiness of your new dentures. For patients entering into an immediate denture, we conduct a teeth viewing. Unfortunately, you cannot try-in the teeth but you can look at their arrangement and size.

Delivery Process: For complete denture patients, your dentures are adjusted, trimmed, and fitted to jaws in the delivery process, which takes approximately an hour. We take special care to make good impressions; however, oral tissues do move and are tender and the acrylic shrinks when processed, so there is typically a slight discrepancy. A reline may need to be done at delivery if the suction of the top denture is not adequate. If you are receive an immediate denture, we deliver a reline at surgery once the teeth are removed.

Post-Operation: After you’ve had your dentures, there are still post-operation denture adjustments. One to three adjustments appointments after delivery are normal and should be expected.

What are our dentures made of?

All of our dentures are made with traditional heat-cured denture acrylic. We offer upgraded denture teeth and upgraded denture acrylic.

Regular Dentures: We offer Diamond D acrylic for regular dentures. The upgraded version is made with a High Impact GC America Acrylic.

Economy Dentures: Our economy denture teeth are made with two layers of denture tooth acrylic and come in seven shades. The upgraded denture teeth have four layers of characterization, uses a highly-filled resin, and includes more grooves for higher chewing capacity. The upgraded denture teeth last longer, are more fracture resistant, look more lifelike, and have more shades (including bleach shades).

Why same day dentures are a myth

A minimum of eight hours of technician work is required to make a denture the traditional way. “Same day” dentures is often correlated with low quality as one must cut corners to deliver them in the same day. Many “same day” denture patients will suffer from dentures that lack aesthetics due to no or a rushed try-in, break after a few months in function, have a rough surface, or contain teeth that pop out.

A denture technician’s timeline

  • Model pour up: 45 minutes
  • Wax rim fabrication: 30 minutes
  • Setting teeth (two arches): Two hours
  • Flasking (pre-processing): 45 minutes
  • Boil out, preparing the teeth, and cooling: 45 minutes
  • Mixing/packing the acrylic: 15 minutes
  • Processing – heat cure: Two hours
  • Trimming and polishing: One hour

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