Partial Dentures for missing teeth

Cast Partial Denture
Example of a metal partial denture

Cast Metal Partial Dentures The Gold Standard in Removable Partial Dentures

Advantages of Cast Metal Partials:

  • Most stable partial as the support is made of metal.
  • Longest lasting partial on the market. Metal does not degrade, has a long life expectancy
  • Ability to reline, tighten clasps, add teeth (most of the time) 
  • Good esthetics
  • Best fit

Patients ask what is the best partial all the time. We respond by saying that between the 3 types (acrylic, valpalst, and cast metal) we will chose cast metal for almost every situation due to the advantages above. We find also that many patients prefer this option. 

Disadvantages of Cast Metal Partials

  • The metal is a dark grey color
  • If your teeth show when smiling, and the clasp is more forward it will be visible. 
  • Compared to fixed bridges or implants you still have the same disadvantages as discussed here (place a link to the partial home page) 

What is the Process?

To make cast metal partials, you need 4 appointments over about 4-5 weeks. We do not make the metal frames in house, but send them out to Bertrum Dental Lab. They are lab that ONLY makes partial metal frames for labs. They are very good at what they do. This is why our partials take about 2x longer then our dentures. 

  • First Appointment: Consult, Xrays, Periodontal Evaluation, and Impressions
  • Second Appointment: Metal Framework Try in, wax rim and shade selection
  • Third Appointment: Wax try in with esthetic approval by patient
  • Fourth Appointment: Delivery

What makes our office unique?

Simply the number of partial patients we see on a regular basis. Our staff is more competent then others around, our patients are much happier, and we shoot patients straight. Also, we have our own in house lab so we can provide a higher quality product. 

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If you are interested in new partials or just want to replace some teeth, give us a call and we can get you scheduled for a consult. Call our Richardson, Tx  office at 972 808 6008. 

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