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Want to know more about our Teeth in a Day procedure with Permanent Dental Implants and see our before and afters, check out our video! Also get a look behind the scenes! Find out why more and more patients are choosing the All on Four - Permanent Dental Implant solution in Richardson, TX and Plano, TX as a solution for their tooth problems! 

All on Four Dental Implants

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The All on Four is TODAY’s solution for full arch tooth replacement. Gone are the days of Dentures and loose teeth! With ONE Procedure in ONE DAY - we provide 4-hour smiles every day to many patients in Richardson, Tx - Plano, TX - and Dallas, TX. The All on Four is today's ultimate full arch restoration and the latest in tooth replacement for troubled dentitions. Get your teeth back with NO MORE DENTURES and have the ability to EAT whatever you want and have the confidence knowing you have Permanent Fixed Teeth. 

Dr. Damon is an Expert and our office is a TRUE Dental Implant Center

Your entire procedure will happen in our office. We combine the surgical suite, dental lab, and dental office in one place so that you are better taken care of. This streamlined process allows a much better result. Our lab has in office milling capabilities and we fabricate Zirconia implant restorations which are the longest lasting, strongest, and most esthetic solution on the market. 

For patients with missing teeth, loose teeth, or failing teeth; Permanent Dental Implants with the All on Four is a proven restorative treatment for patients in Plano, TX, - Rowlett, Tx and Richardson, TX. When the problem expands to many of the teeth, Dr. Damon or Dr. Secola may recommend a Full Arch – All on Four – Permanent Dental Implant Solution to solve your dental issues today.

This is the most studied, up to date, modern, and successful dental implant therapy available. It is also the most effective and most stunning way to improve a patients smile. This is done in one procedure in one day in our Richardson, TX implant, denture, and dental office.

Dr. Damon NeoArch Cadaver Course with Dr. Shawn Keller and Dr. Rick Kline

Dr. Damon showing attendees proper all on four placement at his All on Four CE Course

Dr. Clark Damon teaching the All on Four Dental Implant CE Course at his own All on Four Cadaver Dental Implant Education training course.

Dr. Damon interviewed on the Wellness Hour 

Dr. Clark Damon interviewed on the Wellness Hour program describing the dental implant process for our All on Four patients with Randy Alvarez. Check it out! 

We pride our selves on providing the highest esthetic solution possible   Zirconia and Porcelain teeth made by Dr. Clark Damon

A zirconia implant bridge for an all on four
Our Zirconia final implant bridges look REAL! 

Find out what our patients are saying

Our patients are happy with our work, but don't take our word for it, take theirs! 

See what other patients are saying

Listen to Jay explain his All on Four Dental Implant treatment

Benefits of the All on Four

  • Permanent Same Day Teeth
  • Get your Teeth Back with a NON – Removable Solution
  • Graftless Solution
  • 97% of the time – Same Day Fixed Teeth
  • Procedure is done under IV Sedation
  • Immediate dental implant placement and immediate loading
  • Highly studied, highly successful
  • Permanent – Non-Removable Teeth
  • Excellent Esthetics

What is the All on Four? 

The All on Four is a method of permanent tooth replacement with 4 implants and a permanent fixed prosthesis that we build to replace the teeth. The implants serve as anchors in the jaw and the zirconia teeth we make are screwed into the implants. It is a same day, graft less solution, aimed at providing teeth in a day. 

Dr. Damon takes pride in implant treatment, which focuses on using advanced techniques and providing patients with a comfortable, stress-free experience. Dr. Damon also lectures for Nobel Biocare on the topics of All on Four and Trefoil Implants. Dr. Damon holds his own All on Four Dental Implant training course on cadavers. Have your dental implants placed by an expert in the field and an educator who is nationally sought out. 

How are Implants Placed? 

The first step in the dental implant process is the consultation. At this time, Dr. Damon and Dr. Secola will evaluate your dental, periodontal, and bone health. We will discuss your desires, what we can achieve, and discuss the process. On the day of the procedure, we will administer IV sedation, so you will sleep during the procedure. Then, we will place the implants! The surgical component only takes Dr. Damon an average of 55 minutes from incision to suture. We then convert your fixed teeth and get you out the door in under 4 hours. 

Why Should I Consider Dental Implants with Texas Dental Center?

Being an Implant Center, you can complete the entire process at our office. With other practices, a patient may need to visit two or other offices. Dr. Damon and Dr. Secola are able to perform all stages of the placement process in one location to make the process more convenient for our patients.

We also offer the most advanced technology and materials available for our patients. We use a 3-D cone beam scanner to create more precise treatment plans and Texas Dental Center also uses Nobel Biocare implants, which are one of the top brands for dental implants. Follow Dr. Clark Damon on instagram here and track our dental All on Four Cases! 

Find Out if All on Four - Permanent Implants are Right for You

If you are missing one or more teeth and want a permanent solution, consider dental implants. Contact us today using our online form or call our Richardson, Tx office at (972) 808 – 6008 to schedule a dental implant consultation.

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