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Trefoil Implants - 3 Implants to Support a Permanent Denture

An exciting new treatment from Nobel Biocare – Trefoil.

Trefoil is a new permanent dental implant solution from Nobel Biocare, the same developers and researchers for the successful All on Four procedure. Trefoil is a dental implant surgical protocol for tfhe lower (mandibular) arch only.

What is Trefoil? Trefoil Implants

The process involves placement of 3 implants utilizing analog guided surgery, to place 3 dental implants in a very precise location so that a pre-fabricated titanium bar wrapped in acrylic and teeth can be placed with in 1 week of dental implant surgery. The aim of this new implant concept is to replace mandibular Snap on Dentures.

Advantages of Trefoil

The advantage of Trefoil is a lower treatment cost and a shorter treatment time versus the All on Four. It is NOT meant to replace the All on Four, and patients who can afford the All on Four should do so. The Trefoil concept aims at replacing snap on dentures, which are about the same cost as the trefoil concept.

So how does this save costs? Trefoil

The cost savings is due to not having to make a custom milled titanium bar or a zirconia framework. Through the use of specialized analog guided surgical techniques a prefabricated bar attaching to the 3 implants is possible. With the All on Four, patients need to come back for 5-6 visits to get their framework specially made to exactly where their implants are. The larger number of visits and the fully customized nature of the All on Four is where many of the costs of treatment lie.  

Trefoil Implant Surgery

About how much does the Trefoil save?

The Trefoil dental implant concept can reduce the cost from 7,000 – 12,000 dollars! This is a remarkable cost savings. Please note- patients who can afford an All on Four should do so as there are some major benefits over the Trefoil concept. However, with the Trefoil concept, there are many advantages and benefits over a snap on lower implant denture.

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