Stress-Free Dental Procedures with IV Sedation

Dental patient undergoing IV sedation

If you experience anxiety at the dentist's office, we can help you overcome this fear. Drs. Clark Damon and Kari Blankenship administer IV sedation at our Dallas, Amarillo, and  Fort Worth, TX, offices to induce a deep state of relaxation during dental procedures. Dr. Damon and staff have chosen to offer this proven and calming technique to meet patients' needs and provide a stress-free experience. They are all certified in IV sedation and provide the most up to date monitoring equipment and staff training along with continuing education to stay up to date on latest sedation issues, technology, and medications. 

What is Intravenous Sedation?

Intravenous sedation is when medications are administered directly into the bloodstream to produce a feeling of euphoria, relaxation, amnesia, and blockade of pain receptors. We utilize multiple medications to achieve this and each sedation is tailored to the patient. Called many things - twilight sedation, moderate sedation, conscious sedation. All of these are descriptors for how patients "sleep" through dental treatment. 

Why do we chose to provide IV Sedation over other alternative methods?

With 'Laughing Gas' alone, you are completely awake, but a slight edge is taken off. You will feel things and remember things.

With oral sedation, you can not give multiple doses - many patients have reported to our staff that oral sedation did NOTHING. Also, it must be absorbed in the stomach or small intestine needing hours to work.

With IV sedation, the medication we use is fast-acting, works immediately being placed into the blood stream, and it allows the ability to "Titrate" the dose. Some patients need 3 mg of one drug and another may need 12mg. With IV Sedation we can administer the most precise doses for a patient’s individual needs. It is a common misconception that IV sedation causes unconsciousness. In reality, this form of sedation has an amnesic effect, so patients do not remember the procedure once it is complete. During the procedure, however, patients are deeply relaxed.

Are You a Good Candidate for IV Sedation?

We offer IV Sedation by request. This means we don't reserve IV Sedation complex dental procedures only, but we offer it for items like: single implant placement, single tooth extraction, crown procedures, or root canals. We do however, always recommend IV Sedation for denture surgeries, wisdom tooth extractions, multiple implants, or with the All on Four. These procedures tend to take longer than most other dental treatments. However, due to the complex nature of the procedure, sedation usually allows Dr. Damon to work more quickly and efficiently.

If you have severe anxieties or fears about going to the dentist, IV sedation can help you remain calm and relaxed.

Patients with dental phobias, on the other hand, may request IV sedation for simpler dental procedures. If you have severe anxieties or fears about going to the dentist, IV sedation can help you remain calm and relaxed. This form of sedation is also useful for patients who have previously had traumatic dental experiences as well as for those who find it difficult to sit still for extended periods of time. It can also help ease discomfort caused by conditions which make sitting in an examination chair difficult, such as arthritis. Dr. Damon and Dr. Blankenship can then administer the local anesthetic for pain relief via an injection after patients are comfortably sedated.

Why Choose IV Sedation?

IV sedation has numerous benefits. Not only is Dr. Damon and staff certified in IV sedation, but we use the most up-to-date equipment to monitor you throughout the procedure, including an EKG monitoring system, blood pressure, temperature, ET02, and a pulse oximeter. This allows him to adjust the dosage of medication as needed throughout the procedure.

Improve Your Dental Visits

Dental phobia or painful dental conditions should never keep you from receiving the dental care you want and need. If you want an improved experience at your next appointment, we can safely relieve any anxiety or stress. Contact us online today or call our Dallas office at (972) 808 - 6008 or Fort Worth at (817) 618-9807 to discuss your sedation options. 

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